Okay I will answer some question that is asked on my various youtube videos, or soundcloud tracks. Just to share so anyone can get that information

  • How long have you been playing piano?
    I tell you, it’s not really impressive. I started late, on my late 14th (2010), so it’s almost 5 years. Nothing compared to some great ones that have been playing since kid. But it doesn’t matter anyway, at least I started
  • Can I use your cover as an accompaniment for my vocal cover?
    The answer is of course you can, If you’re interested in accompaniment version, you can email me at henrywilliamburhan@yahoo.com and I’ll try to make a better accompaniment version (since the one I posted is a solo version). But you can always use my covers, unless you don’t forget to mention me in it, haha
  • What equipment and software do you use to make your cover/tutorials?
    Okay so from the first (recording), I use Yamaha PSR-S710 keyboard, record the video with my iPhone 4 while sometimes read the sheet from my tablet, I also use the keyboard internal recording to record the audio
    Next I edit the audio and video files, sync them in movie maker before finishing the entire video.
    Next up for tutorials I made the MIDI files using Musescore, play it in Synthesia while recording the screen with Fraps. Then I compress the video result with VirtualDub before editing it in movie maker. You can find all this software online and it’s free
  • Can you send me the sheet music of ________?
    Of course, just email me henrywilliamburhan@yahoo.com or post your email in the comment
  • Can you do cover ________, or make the tutorial of ________?
    I read every comment made on youtube, but sadly I cannot guarantee you that I’ll make the cover. I made tutorials for everyone of my cover, so the tutorials just have to wait. But if the case is next cover, I’ll check the song before and I don’t promise you I will make the cover, so sorry to deny the request
  • I can’t find the sheet music of ________, can you help me?
    It can be one of these two things, (1) I just posted the cover, so I still need time to make the sheet, or (2) I only made lead sheet of that song,  so deeply sorry because I haven’t finished the complete sheet, but I assure you I will make it
  • What happen to your website (henry-william.weebly.com)?
    After some thought, I decided to go back to wordpress. I move all my stuffs in my website to this new blog, you can find everything from that old page here. You will find links to my old blog and website in some of my old videos. But don’t worry, once again you can find everything here. Maybe sometime I’ll move to another site again so let’s be prepared for it, haha
  • I found that you are a fake! Can you explain?
    Okay I found some of this comment in my Indonesian song covers. I don’t really understand what’s their problem, but let me explain.
    To the ones that said my keyboard is not turned on, seriously, who on the earth play keyboard without turning it on?
    To the ones that said my hand doesn’t match the song I’m playing, here’s the thing, I recorded audio and video separately. I then sync them in movie maker but note that sometimes things doesn’t end well, so sometimes the audio is a little bit early or vice versa. So please note before leaving some nasty comment in my videos

7 thoughts on “FAQS”

  1. Hi there
    I’ve been enjoying learning to play all hymns from your old web, thank you.
    So here I am, looking for all your old hymns coz you only got very few here. Please help.


    1. Hello Grace, I only made rendition of a few hymn song and I think I posted them all in this blog, its around ten or less I think


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